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Peter Adam: Emerald Demo Tape

January 24, 2013 in Video

I’ve just finished putting up this weeks Throwback Thursday which was pretty exciting and then this drops in my Vimeo Inbox. So stoked to see that Peter Adam is working on another full length video, this time its called the Emerald Demo Tape, I don’t know if thats the final title or just the name of this promo but it’s going to be great no doubt. I’ll warn you now that there are two pretty hefty face plants in this if your squeamish.

Featuring, Alex Glenn, Huberet Jankowski, Ryan Alward, John McVea, Peter Adam, Garth Crawford, Derek Johnson, John Wells and friends.

Premiering Friday the 8th of Feb 2013 at Belfast BMX , located inside T13 skatepark!

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